BioFlux: In-vivo Conditions for Live Cell Assays

Many physiological processes take place under flow conditions: blood flowing through the vasculature; cancer cells circulating throughout the body; plaque forming on teeth under the presence of saliva flow. It is now well established that physiological flow has a profound impact on many biological studies, yet much research is still conducted in vitro without the presence of flow. BioFlux gives you the ability to introduce flow to your research and drug discovery experiments, effectively emulating in vivo conditions and getting closer to understanding what’s happening under physiological conditions. 




Biofilm growth | Mutant screens | Antibacterial or antifungal screening |Host-pathogen interactions | Adhesion strength

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Transmigration migration | Cell adhesion and rolling | Wound healing

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Platelet aggregation and adhesion Thrombosis | Migration and invasion | Atherosclerosis models

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Cancer endothelium interactions | Metastasis

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