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Cell Microsystems Acquires Fluxion Biosciences to Broaden Cell Analysis Product and Services Portfolio. Read the Press Release

At Fluxion, we’re passionate about delivering cell-based solutions that facilitate the transformation of research discoveries into new ways to diagnose and treat patients. By characterizing molecular and cellular mechanisms of disease, Fluxion’s platforms help bridge the translational medicine gap, enabling rapid advances in disease research, drug discovery, and the development of diagnostic tests.

Cellular Analysis

Montage Plus Cell Analysis Software



*Important* Notice of Discontinuation

Previously, Molecular Devices provided Fluxion Biosciences with the original Montage software. However, Molecular Devices has ceased offering the Montage software, including MetaFluor and MetaVue, as of July 7, 2023. Current Montage users can continue to use the Montage software and Cell Microsystems will continue to support Montage application analyses; however, Cell Microsystems will not be supporting the Montage software itself.

Cell Microsystems now offers Montage Plus analysis software. Montage Plus has all the capabilities of the original Montage software, plus additional features. Current Montage users who are interested in upgrading to Montage Plus software can reach out to our sales team for more information.

Montage Plus automated software for advanced experimental control and data analysis

Live cell imaging requires a sophisticated array of hardware devices to produce high quality image data. Managing this can be tricky, but BioFlux Montage Plus software provides a single-point solution to make your live-cell experiments easier to control than ever before.  Montage Plus takes control of all microscopy hardware and image acquisition devices to produce high throughput, automated data from your BioFlux experiments. When it comes time for analysis, a comprehensive suite of analysis tools makes the process fast, simple, and powerful.

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Application Modules

Montage Plus comes fully equipped with a suite of image analysis tools for your most sophisticated assays. The software is configured to analyze typical BioFlux experiments, including adhesion via cell counting, transmigration, area coverage, and more. 

Analyze images and extract statistical data; segment image data via intensity gradient, and other algorithms to identify areas of interest. Track objects in 2D and 3D via automated or manual delineation. 

Software Packages

BioFlux Montage Plus

A complete software solution

BioFlux Montage Plus enables full hardware control, image acquisition, and data analysis. It features the BioFlux Control Module to synchronize BioFlux experiments with imaging data acquisition. 

Montage Plus Offline

A flexible addition to your BioFlux system

BioFlux Montage Plus Offline is an analysis-only software package which performs the full suite of Montage Plus data analysis. This version can be used offline from the BioFlux 1000z system to enable remote use of the data processing capabilities. 


Key Features

  • Automated image acquisition: Image acquisition is the core capability of the BioFlux 1000z workstation. BioFlux Montage Plus controls all aspects of this process including camera and time lapse settings. It easily manages and recalls illumination settings in brightfield, phase, and fluorescence applications. Camera controls include gain, regions of interest, and binning. Time lapse settings ensure the proper acquisition rate for extended duration experiments. All images are synchronized to BioFlux flow protocols and tagged with the relevant settings.

  • Automate BioFlux routines from a single control point: BioFlux Montage Plus provides a simple, intuitive platform for controlling BioFlux experiments. The BioFlux Control Module is integrated with image acquisition and hardware control for complete access to all data acquisition parameters. 

  • Advanced hardware control: BioFlux Montage controls all essential hardware components of the BioFlux 1000z automated microscopy platform. This includes advanced control over the motorized scanning stage, fluorescence filter wheels and shutters, objective nosepiece, and auto-focus hardware. The software provides digital algorithms for auto-focus to ensure clean, crisp images over time lapse acquisitions.

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