Platelet Function: Platelet aggregation, or thrombosis, occurs in response to vascular injury where the extracellular matrix below the endothelium has been exposed. It can be triggered in the presence of shear flow and is dependent on many biochemical interactions present in whole blood. The BioFlux system enables simulation of vasculature shear rates up to 200 dyne/cm2 (5000 s-1) using whole blood, platelet-rich plasma or other cells of interest. Experiments can be run on purified matrix proteins (von Willebrand factor, collagen, etc.) or endothelial cell monolayers. The system uses as little as 20μL of reagents per experiment.

Vascular Biology: The endothelium is a dynamic mediator of many physiological phenomena and the crossroads for immune system function, cancer metastasis and atherosclerosis among others. Endothelial cells have been shown to alter their morphology and gene expression in the presence of the shear flow they routinely see in the vasculature. As such, the relevance of endothelial cell culture and downstream assays increases significantly with the presence of flow.

Representative applications:

  • Platelet aggregation and adhesion

  • Thrombosis

  • Migration and invasion

  • Atherosclerosis models


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