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Cell Microsystems Acquires Fluxion Biosciences to Broaden Cell Analysis Product and Services Portfolio. Read the Press Release

At Fluxion, we’re passionate about delivering cell-based solutions that facilitate the transformation of research discoveries into new ways to diagnose and treat patients. By characterizing molecular and cellular mechanisms of disease, Fluxion’s platforms help bridge the translational medicine gap, enabling rapid advances in disease research, drug discovery, and the development of diagnostic tests.

Hematology Applications

Thrombosis, Platelet Activity, and Atherosclerosis Models


The BioFlux system is particularly suited the leading platform for studying platelet function in vitro.  Platelet aggregation and adhesion inhibition can be quantitated under controlled shear, providing major advantages over traditional adhesion assays.

The BioFlux system enables simulation of vasculature shear rates up to 200 dyne/cm2 (5000 s-1) using whole blood, platelet-rich plasma or other cells of interest. Experiments can be run on purified matrix proteins (von Willebrand factor, collagen, etc.) or endothelial cell monolayers. The system uses as little as 20μL of blood per experiment.


Cellular Analysis

BioFlux Systems

covid-19 research

Study causes and treatments of thrombosis in COVID-19 patients. 

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Migration & Invasion

Label-free, real-time measurements in situ

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Atherosclerosis Models

Mimic arterial plaques under shear flow in vitro

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Platelet Adhesion & Aggregation

Quantify platelet adhesion and aggregation area live

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Explore thrombus formation using whole blood

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Sickle Cell Disease

Investigate adhesive properties of sickle erythrocytes in a simulated blood flow environment

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Stem Cells

Study stem cell homing, adhesion, transmigration, and differentiation. 

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Vascular Biology

Study vascular physiology, vascular cell - blood interactions, T cell transmigration, wound healing, angiogenesis, mechanotransduction, and more!


BioFlux System Wound healing assay

Resources Library

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