Cellular Rolling Velocity

Visualization of cellular processes in real-time provides invaluable insight into cell biology. Cell adhesion through protein-protein or protein-carbohydrate interactions plays an important role in directing cell migration, gene expression, cell growth, morphological changes during development, and programmed cell death.

VCAM-1 is a cell adhesion molecule expressed on the endothelial surface during inflammation. VLA-4 is a β1 integrin expressed on the surface of lymphocytes, mono- cytes and eosinophils. VLA-4 has been shown to interact with VCAM-1 in the context of lymphocyte homing to inflammation; lymphocyte rolling and adhesion to VCAM-1 has been previously demonstrated (Alon et al, 1995) using traditional and flow-based methods. The BioFlux System (Fig.ure 1) is an easy to use, automated platform for investigation of biological processes under shear flow. Here, we present Jurkat cell rolling using live cell imaging and the BioFlux 200 system.