Biofilm Compound Profiling: Dose response assay using P. fluorescens biofilms

Eradication of biofilms is an issue of importance across a variety of scientific, medical, and engineering disciplines. Biofilms are often refractory to many antibiotics and disinfectants to which planktonic bacteria are susceptible. A chief aim of much of biofilm research is to explore the effectiveness of anti-biofilm compounds as well as the discovery of novel inhibitors of biofilm formation or exactors of biofilm dispersal.

The BioFlux System (Figure 1) is a microfluidic platform designed to run automated shear flow protocols for cell biology and microbiology experiments in high throughput. This application note reports compound profiling results for a number of compounds found either to disrupt biofilm communities by eliciting a change in communication within the biofilm, causing dispersal, or to kill cells using a variety of mechanisms (Table 1).