Transmigration: Leukocyte transmigration through the endothelium under shear flow

Transmigration of leukocytes from the lumen of the blood vessels to the underlying tissue is a key process in immunosurveillance and in the response to inflammation and injury in the normal function of the immune system. However, in inflammatory diseases and cancer, transmigration of cells to underlying tissues is a gateway to metastasis and morbidity. The significance of transmigration of unwanted cells to underlying tissues and through the blood brain barrier from the vasculature in disease states makes it an important target for drug development. As such, transmigration is a prime target for inflammation and oncology drug discovery.

Here, we present use of the BioFlux System (Figure 1) to study live cell transmigration in a physiologically-relevant assay using primary endothelial cells and human peripheral blood mononuclear cells. The BioFlux System is a microfluidic platform (Figure 2) designed to run automated shear flow protocols for cell biology and microbiology experiments in high throughput.