Offering the physiological relevance of laminar flow chambers with the throughput and convenience of standard well plates, BioFlux systems have many features, including:

  • High Speed: With automated experimental control, multiplexing up to 96 simultaneous experiments, and sophisticated data analysis software simplifying and accelerating complex functional assays, large projects can be effectively reduced from months to days.

  • High Quality: Glass bottom plates with superior image quality from microscopes and high content imagers provide unparalleled image quality.

  • Simple to Use: Well plate microfluidic design improve reliability and reproducibility while enabling precise control of critical parameters.

  • Modular Design: A BioFlux system can be added to any existing inverted microscope

  • Unique capabilities: Two-phase flow, high shear force control, and custom material plates are all examples of unique BioFlux capabilities.


BioFlux: A family of systems to meet every need!

BioFlux EZ

BioFlux EZ.png

The most cost-effective BioFlux system

The BioFlux EZ  can run up to 6 simultaneous flow cell experiments and is ideal for platelet aggregation, leukocyte adhesion, and biofilm analysis. It works with your existing inverted microscope and is compatible with fluorescence, brightfield, phase and confocal imaging.


BioFlux 200

Bioflux 200.png

The full-capability system for labs with a microscope

Looking to add functionality to your existing microscopy setup? The BioFlux 200 expands on BioFlux EZ by enabling up to 24 temperature-controlled flow cell assays in parallel. Dual flow control capability enables more complicated 2-phase flow assays. It is also compatible with the BioFlux Quattro for up to 96 parallel flow assays.


BioFlux DCIS

The fully integrated, easy-to-use system

Looking for a simple, fully integrated solution? The BioFlux DCIS integrates the BioFlux controller with a digital microscope, fluorescence, and two cameras.


BioFlux 1000z

The fully customizable BioFlux solution

Looking for the ultimate in imaging flexibility and capability? The BioFlux 1000z offers nearly unlimited flexibility with respect to microscope options, software analysis, and image capture.