BioFlux enables a wide variety of cell-based assays in the fields of immunology, vascular biology, microbiology, cancer research, stem cells, and more. Many of these applications benefit from the ability to create a physiologically-relevant shear flow profile, including platelet adhesion, cell adhesion, rolling velocity, transmigration, and stem cell differentiation. Other applications can benefit from the ability to introduce compounds in a time-resolved and well-controlled manner, such as wound healing and neurite outgrowth assays.

Offering the physiological relevance of laminar flow chambers with the throughput and convenience of standard well plates, BioFlux systems have many features and benefits including:

  • High Speed: With automated experimental control, multiplexing up to 96 simultaneous experiments, and sophisticated data analysis software simplifying and accelerating complex functional assays, large projects can be effectively reduced from months to days. 
  • High Quality: Glass bottom plates with superior image quality from microscopes and high content imagers provide unparalleled image quality. 
  • Simple to Use: Well plate microfluidic design improve reliability and reproducibility while enabling precise control of critical parameters.
  • Modular Design: A BioFlux system can be added to any existing inverted microscope setup instantly expanding its capabilities.

BioFlux systems come in different configurations as described below and have been featured in multitudes of publications, presentations and webinars.



BioFlux 200


The BioFlux 200 System is a benchtop instrument which enables up to 24 temperature-controlled flow cell assays in parallel. The BioFlux Pressure Interface connects a highly precise and accurate electro-pneumatic pump to the well plates to initiate controlled shear flow. The system works with your existing inverted microscope and is compatible with fluorescence, bright field, phase, and confocal imaging. User-friendly software automates experimental controls and provides a powerful analysis package. The Pressure Interface mounts on top of BioFlux Plates and sits on an inverted microscope. The BioFlux Controller connects to the Pressure Interface and controls shear flow, temperature and flow direction.
BioFlux Plates are SBS-standard well plates with integrated flow cells that can be loaded using pipettes or liquid handling workstations. The bottom of each flow cell is formed with a 180μm cover slip for optimal imaging. BioFlux Software offers complete control over experimental conditions, including dynamic control over shear flow changes.



BioFlux 1000

The BioFlux 1000z systems offer a fully-integrated solution for automated, high throughput shear flow assays. High performance microscopy components are seamlessly integrated with BioFlux controls to offer the ultimate in speed, precision and convenience. BioFlux 1000z ships as a turn-key imaging workstation for live cell assays under flow. The system includes the following primary components, but can be customized to meet your application needs:

  1. BioFlux Controller and Well Plate Interface
  2. High resolution inverted microscope
  3. Automated stage
  4. Automated fluorescence module
  5. Autofocus module
  6. High resolution CCD Camera
  7. PC Workstation
  8. Additional options: environmental control, vibration isolation table


BioFlux EZ


All the benefits of the industry-leading BioFlux cell analysis platform in a highly affordable configuration. Need to run flow cell experiments, but don't need 2-phase flow or high throughput? The BioFlux EZ is the solution; it provides all the basic benefits of the industry standard BioFlux system, at a price point similar to a "home brew" flow cell setup.

The BioFlux EZ  can run up to 6 simultaneous flow cell experiments and is ideal for platelet aggregation, leukocyte adhesion, and biofilm analysis. As with all BioFlux systems, the EZ works with an inverted microscope and is compatible with fluorescence, brightfield, phase and confocal imaging. User-friendly software automates experimental protocols and provides a powerful analysis package. Upgrade capabilities allowing for 2-phase flow and/or higher throughput make the BioFlux EZ the perfect choice for your functional assay research.